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In 1919, W O Bentley laid the foundation of the incredible car brand known as Bentley. Since then the brand has carved a niche for itself in the luxury car market with a blend of luxury, excellence in engineering, and need for speed. To face the challenges of the 21st century, Bentley introduced Continental GT transforming the brand into a vehicle with ultimate finesse and one of the most technically advanced cars.

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The brand has been popular amongst aristocrats and extremely wealthy individuals, entrepreneurs, and filthy rich aristocrats for its sheer class, luxury and masquerade look. In fact, In 2002 to honor the queen of England the company introduced a special edition, the Bentley State Limousine, making it the first official State car in England carving the brand of Bentley in the history of the Automotive Industry. If you are a Bentley lover and want to purchase the car don’t be overwhelmed by the grandeur and facts related to the car. You can get a premium used Bentley car for sale at Car Giant. At Car Giant, we have a grand collection of second-hand Bentley cars. Visit us at you will get the latest Bentle car models.

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 Are you keen on buying a pre-owned Bentley car but worried about your finances? At Car Giant, we are a top used luxury car dealer in Delhi and we ensure to offer the best prices as per the market. We also offer finance options to make the process of your purchase smooth. Second-hand Bentley cars at Car Giant can easily qualify the standard safety and performance tests.

If you are looking for aused Bentley car price within your budget and also a car that is well maintained, and within your budget then visit us at Car Giant and experience a never before purchase process. We have a variety of models catering to the likes of the Indian audience.

One of the most sought-after Bentley models in India is the Flying Spur. The car has a double automatic all-wheel drive, an eight-speed double locker, and a powerful two-turbo engine. The Flying Spur can compete with any top-level sports car.