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4 Most Affordable Pre-Owned Porsche Models?

4 Most Affordable Pre-Owned Porsche Models?

It’s an open secret that Porsches are the most valuable, sought-after, and affordable cars in the used market. Not only does Porsche holds their value well, but it also offers excellent value for its money. So, if you are thinking of going towards the pre-owned route but wonder what’s the best used Porsche cars to buy, this quick guide will help you! 

Most Affordable & Incredible Used Porsches You Can Purchase


Performance & handling make PORSCHE BOXSTER S 981 an excellent purchase. This third iteration of Porsche’s drop-top two-seater offers 315 hp, which allows it to accelerate from 0–60 mph in 5 seconds. Flat-six mid-engine construction and limitless headroom, paired with a precise transmission and light suspension, are what drivers love about this used model. 


After a 2009 facelift, the Cayman S has gained enough horsepower to meet the Boxster S model, with new models integrating 320 horses under the hood. With its robust body and high-speed engine, this used Porsche model is perfect for the track and the back roads. Plus, it offers a fantastic driving experience with its 987’s hydraulic power steering and six-speed manual transmission. 


If spaciousness is what you want in your dream car, Porsche Macan Sport is a five-door luxury crossover Porsche SUV pre-owned that’s sure to please. Its V6 engine roars to life around traffic or when carving up mountainside roads. Thanks to its comfortable interior and sleek style, this Porsche model is sure to grab the attention of everyone wherever you go. 


Although the 928 S4 model of Porsche was built to replace the Porsche 911, its smooth V8 with 317 lb-ft of torque, 320 horsepower, and a 0–60 mph sprint of 5.9 seconds makes it the perfect SUV in terms of power and roar. 

Find Quality Used Porsche Cars for Sale!

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