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Important To Know The Warning Signs Of An Engine Failure

Important To Know The Warning Signs Of An Engine Failure

Every car owner is responsible for maintaining their car. Be it a second-hand luxury car or a brand new one, a well-maintained car will not result in problems like engine failure. The primary reasons for engine failure are if you fail to replace the engine oil, coolant, and filters during regular intervals. This reduces engine performance. To buy well-maintained pre-owned luxury cars, connect with us at Car Giant.

It is significant to notice a few warning signs before an engine fails. Here are a few warning signs you should not miss;

 Check engine light.

A check engine light is present on the dashboard of every car. If the engine starts malfunctioning, the warning light flashes on the dashboard. A used luxury car nowadays has an onboard self-diagnostic setup that triggers the warning signal whenever there is an issue.

Smoke emanating from the exhaust

If your car starts emitting emits black, blue, or thick white smoke whenever the engine is running, you might have to contact an expert and get your engine checked. A cloud of black smoke indicates a problem with the fuel supply or a disproportionate fuel mix. A grey smoke suggests that the petrol/diesel is entering the combustion room. Thick white smoke indicates the burning of engine oil along with the fuel.

Experience trouble while driving. 

There is a problem when you drive and the vehicle does not perform smoothly. There can be issues like fuel lines getting clogged, spark plugs fouled, damaged ignition coils, dirty fuel/air filters, etc. Today luxury cars have well-equipped systems to manage air-to-fuel ratio and airflow sensors, you must, however, indulge in regular checkups and cleaning to avoid engine failures.

  Loss of mileage, poor performance.

A car tends to lose its mileage and power over time due to wear and tear. If the car loses its power radically or its mileage drops significantly, the engine requires attention.

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