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Check out a few fantastic facts about Porsche

Check out a few fantastic facts about Porsche

Porsche is one of the most reputable car brands in the world. The brand has produced one of the best German cars of all time, including the iconic 911 transforming the definition of sports cars. Whether it is the record-breaking 918 Spyder, or the latest in the EV segment, the Taycan. The brand Is known for its phenomenal manufacturing process that crafts its vehicles with advanced technologies, and excellent driving dynamics, creating a stylish car. If you love Porsche and want to buy a pre-owned Porsche car, contact Car Giant.

Following are a few interesting facts about the most sought after car brand:

57th Most Valuable Brand in the world

 One of the most significant Porsche car facts is that it is the 57th Most Valuable Brand in the world as per Forbes. The car is currently valued at $12.1 billion. Porsche has a long list of top-rated cars on sale today across multiple categories, which explains why it makes so much money.

The Porsche Cayenne towed an airplane in 2017, setting a world record

The Porsche Cayenne became the bestselling car the moment it was introduced in 2003. It is considered to be one of the best SUVs available today. The vehicle is so powerful that it can tow a 285-ton airplane.

Porsche known as the king of customization

An individual after buying a new car might want to customize it and searches for aftermarket parts, with the hope that the parts are compatible and effective. But when it comes to Porsche customers they will get the car modified by the company. To explore an exclusive used Porsche car in Delhi, connect with us at Car Giant.

Porsche has won over 24,000 races

Porsche is the epitome of speed and fast cars. It produces cars that eradicate any completion on the road and the track. The unparallel success of Porsche developing race cars has created history as the brand has won more than 24,000 races.

Ferdinand Porsche crafted the world's first fully electric vehicle 

Many car fanatics must think that Taycan is Porsche's first-ever fully electric car. It is an incredible fact that in 1899, Ferdinand Porsche built the first fully electric automobile - the Lohner-Porsche. Automobile historians consider it to be an idea conceived way ahead of time.

Porsche makes other products 

The only thing that comes to mind when we hear "Porsche" is cars. However, Porsche manufactures several other products like farming tractors, forklifts, and aircraft engines.

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