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Reasons to Invest in Used BMW i8 Series

Reasons to Invest in Used BMW i8 Series

Looking for a luxurious sports car? There is good news for you! BMW has released its new sports car series i8. A combustion engine, hybrid eDrive technology, and head-turning design differentiate this car from other exclusive sports. 

The BMW i8 series is one of the revolutionary cars embedded with a sleek & futuristic design, impressive performance, and a luxurious interior. But should you purchase a used luxury BMW i8

This article will let you know the benefits of investing in this series. 

What Benefit Will You Get With A Used BMW i8 2023? 

Here are some benefits of the latest BMW i8 series:

#1 - Affordability

One of the most reasons for purchasing a second-hand BMW i8 is affordability. A brand-new i8 can cost $150,000, but a second-hand one can be significantly cheaper. The cost of a pre-owned i8 depends on the model year, mileage, and vehicle’s overall condition. 

But you can typically find an i8 for around $80,000 to $100,000. 

#2 - Depreciation

Another benefit of purchasing a pre-owned BMW i8 is reducing the steep depreciation of new vehicles. A second-hand i8 has already gone through the majority of its depreciation. It means value won’t drop as much during your ownership. You can resell it later and potentially regain more of your initial investment. 

#3 - Unique Driving Experience

The BMW i8 is a unique hybrid sports car with a thrilling driving experience. It has a powerful 1.5 L three-cylinder engine with an electric motor producing 369 horsepower. It allows the i8 to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. 

The car also has a unique design that attracts a lot of attention.

What You Need to Consider for Purchasing a Used BMW i8?

Here are some factors you need to consider when shopping for second-hand BMW i8:

  • Mileage

  • Condition

  • Age

  • Service Cost

The Final Thought! 

If you want a unique and thrilling driving experience but don’t have a budget, a second-hand BMW i8 may be a good investment. To purchase it at affordable rates, contacta certified used bmw car dealer in Delhi - Cargiant. We will provide you the certified used branded car within your budget. 

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