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Few Steps to Ensure A Smooth Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership

Few Steps to Ensure A Smooth Transfer Of Vehicle Ownership

Are you keen on selling off your car and buying a new one? Are you not sure of how the transfer of ownership will happen? A registration certificate transfer or transfer of ownership of vehicles is vital as it protects the vehicle by transferring all the legal obligations to the purchaser. Under Indian law of Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, a transfer of ownership of the vehicle is necessary to avoid any future complications that pertain to vehicle registration, insurance policies, etc. If you are planning to sell your old luxury car, connect with us at Car Giant, the best place to sell high-end cars.  Know about the steps of transferring the ownership of a vehicle in detail and check out a wide range of second hand luxury cars at our showroom. Here are a few situations where transfer of ownership is required:

When you are selling off the car to another buyer

When you sell a vehicle to another buyer, the buyer's name is recorded as the registered owner, and the process is called the transfer of ownership.

Death of the owner of the vehicle

If a registered owner of a vehicle passes away, the transfer of ownership becomes effective for the legal heirs of the expired registered owner.  

Transfer of ownership in auction

If your vehicle is sold in a public auction, the name of the buyer is recorded as a registered owner.

Here are some mandatory documents required during the transfer of ownership;

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Age proof like birth certificate, Aadhaar card, etc

  • Address proof like utility bills, ration cards, etc

  • Tax clearance certificate

  • Vehicle registration certificate

  • Vehicle insurance documents

  • PUC certificate

  • PAN card of the current owner

  • Chassis and engine number details

  • Mandated Documents with Form 2

  • NOC or official letter stating the reason for the delay in the issue of NOC, etc.

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