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Bringing you some surprising facts about Ferrari

Bringing you some surprising facts about Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the most distinguished global luxury car brands, producing an array of exquisite vehicles that everybody desires to own. The company was founded by Enzo Ferrari and initially focused on building track cars. The brand later gained attention in the mainstream and became outstandingly successful. If you are looking for second-hand Ferrari cars, contact Car Giant, a renowned dealer of used luxury cars. We are one of the leading used luxury car dealers in India.

Here are a few surprising facts about Ferrari;

Two examples were made out of the first Ferrari model

The focus of Enzo Ferrari was to produce race cars; so the first Ferrari model was a race car. Two examples of the 1.5-liter V12 Ferrari 125 Sport debuted in 1947. The initial 125 Sport models were fabulous but unreliable cars. The car faced fuel pump issues on the racetrack, but subsequent improvements transformed the Ferrari into a legend.

All the elements of Ferrari are customizable

The unique factor of Ferrari is the tailor-made program that the company offers its customers. The buyers get the opportunity to customize the Ferrari model they purchase from the Maranello factory. Consumers buying the car can choose tire treads, interior trims, accessories, finishes, and colors through Ferrari's unique studio, the Atelier Ferrari.

A World War I flying Ace inspired the “Prancing Horse” logo 

Car builder Enzo Ferrari was a veteran who fought in World War I under the Italian Army's 3rd Mountain Artillery Regiment. Francesco Barraca, the famed World War I flying ace, owned the iconic "prancing horse" logo. To honor his hometown, Ferrari drove the first car bearing the logo with a yellow shield around it.

The significant red color of the Ferrari wasn’t the company’s choice

According to regulations that the International Automobile Federation used, initially all Ferrari cars were red. The color swatch catalog of Ferrari emphasizes its striking Rosso Corsa, which translates as 'racing red.' Ferrari later chose to brand all its production car models around the racing red color theme which became popular with Ferrari enthusiasts.

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