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Why Buying a used luxury Car Is a Better Economic Decision Than a New one?

Why Buying a used luxury Car Is a Better Economic Decision Than a New one?

Owning a luxury car is still a dream for many; however, the number of first-time car buyers has skyrocketed in the last decade and a half thanks to the pre-owned vehicle market. An exclusive car has become easier, hassle-free, and more affordable than ever with a stunning range ofused luxury cars in Delhi. Not only will you save some cash, but there are many benefits to purchasing a second-hand over a new one. 

4 Reasons to Purchase a Second-Hand Luxury Better Than New One

#1 -  Affordability

Imagine the experience of driving a Mercedes E-Class. The luxury and comfort you feel inside an exclusive car far outrank driving a Honda or Toyota. With a used exotic car, you can get an exclusive style statement at an affordable price. 

#2 - Depreciation

Brand-new cars depreciate faster than pre-owned luxury cars. In simple language, a 7-years old exotic car can sell for 30%-50% less than a new one! When you purchase & drive away a new car, it starts depreciating. So, you always get a good deal, even when considering the depreciation of a used luxury car. 

#3 - High-Quality Features

When you buy a pre-owned exotic car, there is a good chance you will have more features and amenities. From luxury leather seats & heated steering wheels to high-end suspensions and driver assist, luxury cars are developed with high-quality materials. Many pre-owned exclusive vehicles still have their original new warranty. It means you can feel secure that any repairs will be reimbursed if required. 

#4 - Reduction of Goods & Services Tax

The burden of heavy taxes on luxury cars has led people to give these vehicles the cold shoulder. But now those looking for an exotic car can breathe relief as GST on used luxury SUVs in India has seen a steep fall from 28% to 18% over time. 

The Final Thought!

As you can see, purchasing a second-hand luxury car can be better than a new one for several reasons, and the price is just one of them! If you’re in the market for an upscale ride but don’t want to pay top dollar, buy a pre-owned luxury vehicle from CarGiant. From Mercedes-Benz to Jaguar, to Audi Q7 to BMW, we sell all brands of high-quality used luxury cars at affordable prices. 

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