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The reason why BMW cars are called Beamers

The reason why BMW cars are called Beamers

BMW is one of the most classy and lavish cars that one can dream of. Its class, luxury, and superb performance have attracted car enthusiasts over the years to purchase the car for themselves. With the car's rich history and its various nicknames, the brand has gained popularity. The terms like Bimmer, Beemer, or Beamer refer to BMW vehicles. Bimmer is referred to as BMW cars while Beemer and Beamer are used for BMW motorcycles. To buy top-quality pre-owned BMW cars, contact Car Giant.


BSA motorcycles were known as Beesers, BMW enthusiasts decided to call BMW motorcycles Beemers. As time passed individuals started using the term Beamer. The brand embarked on the journey of designing and manufacturing cars becoming one of the most distinguished luxury car manufacturers. To differentiate cars from motorcycles, BMW coined the term Bimmer.


Beamer” is the first nickname that was given to BMW. The name appeared for the first time in Great Britain and was used to differentiate the BMW motorcycles from the bikes of a local producer that bore the nickname Beezer. The Beamers became successful in the motorcycle racing series in Britain, It became the first motorbike manufacturer outside Great Britain to win the prestigious “Isle of Man TT Races”. 


As the name Beemer gained momentum, the title Bimmer appeared in the US for the first time led by the increasing popularity of BMW automobiles among North American clients. Bimmer originates in the early 1970s when the Boston Chapter BMW Club used it in its official newsletter for. At the same time coincidently, a US magazine for BMW fans emerged and led to the popularity of the nickname Bimmer for BMW automobiles among US fans. Initially, North Americans were calling BMW cars Beamers but, after a while, the Bimmer moniker gained more traction and became more widespread.

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