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4 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed by ‘Curbstoners’ in the Used Luxury Car Market

4 Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed by ‘Curbstoners’ in the Used Luxury Car Market

Whether new or second-hand, the automobile is a significant investment for everyone. But, the number of curbstoners is more significant in the used luxury car market than in the new one. So, If you are planning to purchase a pre-owned exotic car, it’s essential to thoroughly check out the vehicle and dealer you intend to buy and from. 

Even a vehicle with a good reliability record can be an issue if it hasn’t been adequately maintained. Likewise, an uncertified dealer can be a scammer if you don’t find it correctly. So, before visiting the second-hand vehicle market, you will need to keep yourself safe from getting scammed. 

4 Tips to Avoid Scams While Buying Your Used Car Online

Taking Loan From Used Car Dealers

Arranging money through used car dealers can make your purchase more costly. Before car shopping, you should get financing approval from your bank or credit union. Banks always offer a substantially lower rate than second-hand car dealerships in India. A previous good relationship with your bank can usually receive up to 90% financing. In addition, it will give you a bonus to negotiate a final price. 

Skipping the Test Drive

It helps to decide whether the vehicle is worth your consideration. For example, a car that pulls to one side might be showing signs of previous damage. Paint overspray on the panels and doorcase can signal body occurs from an accident. The smell of mildew or mould could sign water damage which you should avoid. 

Paying Without Meeting

Many curbstoners will ask for money upfront, and many people are happy to ship money over with the promise of their dream car. They might ask for a wire transfer, a prepaid debit card or a gift card before the meeting. They may promise not to sell this to anyone once they check your cards. Make sure your dealer is ok meeting first before making any sale. 

Going With a Non-Certified Used Car Dealer

A non-certified used car dealer can be fake that could land you in a money problem or deliver you the damaged car. As the market is flooded with several used car dealers in delhithat claim they are certified, finding the right one is the most challenging task. So, before selecting anyone, ensure they are certified, trustworthy and reliable. 

By avoiding these scams, you can protect yourself from dealing with your used luxury car in India with the wrong dealers. To purchase the best-used luxury car at an affordable rate, you can contact CarGiant.

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