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Diesel Or Petrol Pre-Owned Luxury Car: Which One Is Better?

Diesel Or Petrol Pre-Owned Luxury Car: Which One Is Better?

According to a report, 4.4 million used luxury cars were sold in 2020 as opposed to 2.8 million brand-new vehicles. A 10% spike in India’s second-hand vehicle market in 2020 has led to a surge in demand for pre-owned luxury four-wheeler loans. So, if you are thinking of bringing your favorite ride home, a second-hand exclusive car would be a good decision! 

But you should choose used petrol or used diesel cars in Delhi? This debate troubles every potential car buyer out there. If you are one of them, this blog will help you to make the right decision! 

Striking Features to Consider Choosing Between Diesel & Petrol Used Luxury Car


The diesel variant is more expensive than the petrol variant used car. Showroom prices between petrol & diesel variants can differ up to 1 to 1.5 Lakhs for a car that costs less than Rs 10 Lakhs. But, diesel pre-owned vehicles depreciate faster than a car powered by petrol due to excessive heat, friction and vibrations somewhat justifying the extra expense. 


Compared to used petrol cars in Delhi, diesel variants are sturdier and often function smoothly in the long run. But, the repair and maintenance cost of a diesel-powered used car can be more expensive due to the part’s unavailability and labour costs. Apart from this, the overall life of a petrol variant is higher than a diesel one. 

Insurance Cost

Second-hand diesel cars are costlier than petrol ones due to their parts. That’s why its cost impacts the insurance expense. Consequently, the insurance premium for pre-owned diesel cars can cost you 10% to 15% more than their petrol variants.

Resale Value

While petrol-powered engines offer high durability, pre-owned diesel luxury cars possess a higher resale value. 

The Final Thought!

If resale value tops your list, a pre-owned diesel variant may fit the bill. But, if car maintenance is your choice, petrol cars can be ideal. No matter diesel or petrol, you can purchase the right one in your budget from a reliable used luxury car dealer in Delhi, CarGiant. 

From Mercedes-Benz to Jaguar, to Audi, to BMW, you can purchase a diesel or petrol variant second-hand luxury car at an affordable rate from us! 

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