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What Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Will Be Better For A Beginner Driver?

What Pre-Owned Luxury Cars Will Be Better For A Beginner Driver?

As a beginner driver, getting behind the wheel of your first car is an exciting time. Right? But, for that, it’s essential to select the perfect ride. So, we have put together a list of pre-owned luxury cars for beginner drivers. 

#1 - BMW i3

Yes, you heard right - A BMW! We are not talking about something sporty, but rather the zero-emission vehicle, the i3. When it comes to its interior part, there is a great space for passengers and cargo. Exterior, state-of-the-art frame materials help with safety. Significant depreciation is one of the most important factors of this series. 

#2 - Ford Fusion

Although it may be challenging for a newbie driver to get excited about a four-door sedan, the Ford Fusion attracts attention for other reasons. This second-hand exotic car comes with a solid body, good safety scores, and a reliability track record. In addition, with SUVs, sedans tend to offer a better transportation value. 

#3 - Volvo S60

Whenever heard about Volvo, safety first thing that comes to mind. Safety innovation has been part of the Volvo brand’s mantra for almost 100 years. If you want to take advantage of its newer technology but don’t have the budget, you can go for the 2013-2018 models. You can find S60s with front-wheel or all-wheel drive as per your preferences and budget. 

#4 - Hyundai Tucson

Last but not least, Hyundai Tucson is considered the best pre-owned luxury car for newbie drivers. For a sweet spot, you can go for 2nd and 3rd-generation Tuscons from 2010-2015. These models combine affordability with a great reliability track record. 

#5 - Toyota Corolla

Purchasing a pre-owned Corolla for a young driver involves a four-door sedan. If advanced safety technology is your demand, look for a 2017 or newer model. It includes automatic emergency braking and other driver aids as standard equipment. 

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