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Intertesting Facts About Maserati Cars - CarGiant

Intertesting Facts About Maserati Cars - CarGiant

One of the most renowned Italian manufacturers of luxury cars and a long-time competitor of the Ferrari is the Maserati. The brand gained its momentum over the years and has emerged as one of the most popular luxury car brands winning the hearts of millions. To check out a wide range of pre-owned luxury Maserati cars, connect with Car Giant.

 Here are a few interesting facts about the Maserati car brand:

Car named for the Maserati Family

The Maserati brand is named after the Maserati family. It is named in honor of the six sons of Rodolfo and Carolina Maserati. The brothers contributed to their car manufacturing company creating an exquisite brand.

Started out producing race cars

 The luxury car makers began their journey as race car manufacturers. The Maserati brothers managed to win more than a few car races as they continued to compete in the early days. If you are a Maserati car fanatic and want to buy a luxury car at a reasonable price, contact Car Giant for used Maserati cars

The logo of the car, inspired by a fountain

The significant trident symbol of a Maserati car draws its inspiration from the Fountain of Neptune, a much a civic monument situated in a square in Bologna. It was a friend of the Maserati brothers who suggested the design of the symbol, and it was the best choice to represent their brand as Neptune is known as the God of the sea and God of horses.

Founded in Bologna

The Maserati car brand was founded in Bologna, an exotic city traced back to the Etruscans, which predated the Roman Empire. The rich heritage and culture have made it one of the most unique Italian cities.

Headquartered in Modena at present

The headquarters of Maserati is currently in Modena. The city is also famous for its ancient origins, and according to historians has been re-founded on several occasions.

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