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Taking Care Of Your Car During The Monsoon Season Is Essential

Taking Care Of Your Car During The Monsoon Season Is Essential

The monsoons are a great relief for many as it cools down the temperature. However, it becomes very difficult for motorists and car drivers to drive on roads that are waterlogged and slippery. Monsoons can cause great damage to your vehicles. To prevent damage and minimize the risks, here are some tips on how to care for your second-hand luxury cars during the rains.

Check tyres and brakes

You should always see to it that your tyres are in good shape during the rainy season. Slippery and wet roads might compromise the grip of the tyres . Unfit tyres can lead to your car losing control. Wet and slippery roads also make braking difficult and braking distances longer. You need to get your tyres and car’s brake system inspected by professionals for any worn-out components or lag.

Battery & wires

 During the monsoons, the wipers and lights are used excessively leading to heavy draining of batteries. Your car batteries need to be properly charged and in good shape. If you are driving a used luxury car, maintaining it during monsoons becomes crucial. The bonnet of the car directly contacts the rain. You must ensure that the wiring and fuse elements are well insulated. A weak battery might lead to a poor ignition problem and your car will fail to start in the middle of a traffic jam. You should check your car wiring too as short circuits might occur due to excessive moisture.


Torrential rainfall can reduce visibility on roads, so you must ensure that all your car lights like headlights (both, low and high beams), fog lights, brake lights, and hazard indicators and side indicators are working well and in a good shape.

Check wipers

Wipers that are worn out may also affect visibility, leading to accidents. So ensure that your wipers are up to date.


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