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Check out some of the top pre-owned luxury family SUVs in India

Check out some of the top pre-owned luxury family SUVs in India

SUVs are one of the world’s most popular luxury vehicles that are best suited for adventure lovers and individuals with families. The latest technology offered by SUVs entails a host of features like off-road capabilities, powerful engines, versatility, and most importantly safety. It is an ideal car for the family. To give your family the required comfort and luxury within your budget, you can purchase a second-hand luxury SUV. Contact us at Car Giant and have a look at the wide range of luxury SUVs. 

Here are a few of the top used luxury SUVs to buy in India:

Audi Q5, Petrol

Audi Q5, the German SUV exudes luxury at its best. The car comes with three engine options, a 2 Litre TFSI Quattro (petrol), a 2 Litre TDI (diesel), and a 3 Litre TDI Quattro (diesel). It has a premium-featured cabin with electrically operated front seats with an array of safety features.

Mercedes ML350

 Another classy SUV offering power-packed performance is the Mercedes ML350 CDI, Diesel. It has got world-class features and is extremely efficient. The SUV comes with a 3.0 Litre diesel mill with highly advanced rail technology. The car is a perfect family vehicle with various vital safety functions like the off-road mode, nine airbags, hill descent system, etc.

Porsche Cayenne

used Porsche Cayenne is a top-notch SUV with advanced engineering and a blend of luxury and high performance. It comes with powerful engine options that include a 3.0 litre V6 diesel, 3.0-liter V6 petrol, and a Twinturbo V8. Accompanied with innovative features, and lavish interiors the car is perfect for a family.


BMW X3, Diesel, is a midsized premium SUV with a stunning sporty look. The variant comes with a 2.0-liter, the 4-cylinder turbocharged unit developing 190PS @ 4000rpm, and 400Nm @ 1750-2500rpm. The car is fitted with brilliant features and lavish interiors.

Buying pre-owned luxury cars is can be a desire for many. There are various significant benefits of buying a used luxury car that should be known to all. Car Giant offers superior quality pre-owned luxury vehicles at affordable prices. Car Giant is here to assist you with a wide range of hand-selected pre-owned luxury cars belonging to premium brands. Our team will help you to cruise away with your dream car! 

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