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Check out a few interesting facts about Bentley

Check out a few interesting facts about Bentley

Bentley Motors was founded by W.O. Bentley. The car manufacturer has been producing cars for over a century. Owning a Bentley means owning a legacy. The extravagant and high-performance cars exude class and style like no other vehicle. To buy second-hand Bentley cars, contact us at car Giant. Bentley cars are popular in India due to their rich heritage and magnetism. Here are a few interesting facts you should know about the brand ; 

Bentley Cocktails – The cocktail was adapted from a recipe in the Savoy cocktail book by Harry Craddock, in 1930. You can make this cocktail with only a few ingredients like Calvados or Apple brandy, Dubonnet Rouge, etc.

The iconic Bentley Wings – 100 years ago, The original Bentley Winged ‘B’ was designed in 1919 by a friend of W.O. Bentley, Crosby. In 1919, wings were a popular choice for car maker logos. On 5th March 2002, a new Bentley winged ‘B’ was revealed. It carried a fresh corporate identity that included new values of Bentley but respected its past.

 High performance – The brand Bentley is well renowned for the performance of the products that are integral to overall sustainability. Bentley cars are designed to last long, and over 80% of Bentleys, are still on the road. 

Classic - At the Christie’s Le Mans Classic Auction in France, Bentley sold a 1930 Speed Six, bodied by Vanden Plas, ex-works, No.2 Team Car, and winner of the Double Twelve race and came second at Le Mans in 1930. This vehicle was Bentley's highest price ever achieved vehicle.  

Bentley Boys - The Bentley Boys became very famous as they were a group of young Bentley customers who lived affluent life on and off the track. They had this passion for racing and won Bentley's five Le Mans over eight years. If you are looking for used luxury Bentley cars, contact Car Giant.

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