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Fascinating facts about Kia motors

Fascinating facts about Kia motors

Kia has been established as the world’s fifth-largest vehicle manufacturer. Kia Motors started its brand in Korea and now has a presence in eight countries. The product range of Kia includes compact hatchbacks, SUVs, minivans, and performance sedans. Kia is well known for manufacturing cars that are efficient, look good, are reliable, safe, and affordable. To explore pre-owned Kia cars, contact us at Car Giant.

 Here are a few interesting facts about Kia motors;

The company started as a bicycle manufacturer:

Kia Corporation founded In May 1944, started its journey as a bicycle manufacturer. The company was known as Kyungsung Precision Industry. It launched Korea’s first bicycle Samchully in 1952 and was renamed Kia Industries.

Kia Means ‘ Rising from The East’:

The name Kia is a combination of the Sino-Korean characters ‘Ki’ and ‘A’. ‘Ki’ means to rise or to come out and ‘A’ means East or Asia. Used Kia cars are quite a in demand. To check out the price, contact Car Giant.

 The company developed Its Engine in the 70s:

Kia made its first engine in the 70s paving the way for the launch of its first passenger car Brisa. Brisa was inspired by Mazda 1300. 

 Kia witnessed its first commercial success in 1986:

Kia became commercially successful in 1986 when it produced Kia Pride. The Korean car became very popular and the company sold 2 million cars.

Selected by Pope Francis:

Pope Francis during a visit to the UAE, became a brand ambassador for the Kia Soul car as he arrived in it for his official welcome. A strong message was sent across the world that made the brand significant.

Kia manufactures military vehicles:

 The official supplier of military vehicles to the South Korean Army is the company, Kia. It is the only research institute for developing and producing Korean military vehicles. It also supplies military vehicles to 20 foreign nations.

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