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Tips to consider while choosing engine oil for your luxury car

Tips to consider while choosing engine oil for your luxury car

Every individual wants to own a dream car. After buying a second-hand luxury car, you must choose the right oil for your car. The right engine oil will enable your car to perform better. 

 Here are a few simple factors you need to check before engine oilselection;

Check the owner’s manual

You need to browse through your owner’s manual carefully. You will find the listed recommended oil weight in the manual. You can comply with the list during normal circumstances. However, in extreme seasons, you might like to adjust accordingly.

The Viscosity Grade

All engine oils consist of a viscosity grade, described by two numbers. The number preceding determines the viscosity of the oil when it’s cold. It lets you know how thick this oil will be when your car starts on a cold winter night. The number after W is the high-temperature grade, which goes from 8 to 60. 

The Performance Level

 All used luxury cars have a particular model, and the performance level indicates the kind of oil they can use according to the designs of the engines. You must remember that each engine has a specific oil requirement. The oils go through laboratory and engine tests for the car manufacturers to approve.

 Knowing the make and model of your vehicle

After understanding the model and design of your luxury vehicle, you can choose the type of engine oil you would use: mineral or synthetic oil. Each oil type has its pros and cons, so it is imperative to know which oil is suitable for your car and your driving style.

ACEA Rating 

The ACEA Rating of engine oil is the s lubricant rating. This oil property is known by using several parameters, including sludge, ear, soot thickening, oxidative thickening, and fuel economy. It is vital to keep the ACEA rating in mind when choosing the engine oil, especially for vehicles with a diesel engine.

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