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Top easy-to-maintain used luxury cars

Top easy-to-maintain used luxury cars

 A luxury car is a vehicle that is defined by class, comfort, style, amenities, performance, and supreme quality. These are the factors that set them apart from ordinary vehicles. It is a dream for all car fanatics to own a luxury car at some point in their lives; however, luxury cars come with a high price tag. To make your dreams into reality the second-hand car market offers a range of exotic used luxury cars that will help you to fulfill your dreams. Connect with Car Giant and check out some of the best low-maintenance pre-owned luxury cars.

Here are a few of the top low-maintenance second-hand luxury cars;

 BMW 3 Series

Used BMW 3 Series cars have a very low maintenance cost. These cars have an automatic transmission, 1998CC engine, 16.13 fuel efficiency, and maximum power 255BHP@5000rpm. The features of the car include a Multi-function Steering Wheel, Power Adjustable Exterior Rear View Mirror, Touch Screen, Alloy Wheels, and many more.

Audi A6

Audi A6 car comes with an automatic transmission, a 1984CC engine, 14.11 fuel efficiency, and a maximum power of 241BHP@5000rpm. One of the main attractions of the car is that it is one of the best low-maintenance luxury cars in the country. The car has exquisite features and offers robust performance.

Volvo XC 90

 The lavish 7-seater second-hand Volvo XC 90 car is one of the most popular luxury cars with the lowest maintenance cost. The car comes with an automatic transmission, 1969CC engine, 17KMPL fuel efficiency, and maximum power 225BHP@4250rpm. Its unique features include a Navigation System, Panoramic Sunroof, Tailgate Bower & Wilkin Audio, etc

Honda Accord

In India, second-hand Honda cars are also an excellent choice in the low-maintenance luxury car category. The car is a classic 5-seated hybrid car that has an automatic transmission, a 1993CC engine, 23.1 KMPL fuel efficiency, and a maximum power of 212BHP@6200.

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